⭐[Update] Arc Demo v2 - Balance Fixes

These new changes should solve some of the Balance issues many of you have commented about 🙏

  • May now Discard one card per turn to gain +1 Mana
  • Increased base HP to 100 on both sides
  • Draw 2 Cards per turn (up from 1)
  • Top Ability (Burn) costs 2 Mana (down from 3)
  • Reduced amount of Energy cards in both Mono and Duo decks
  • Reduced amount of "Draw 2" cards in Arc's deck
  • Added helpful UI to show when played cards will deal bonus damage, gain bonus Mana, or heal Burn
  • Added several missing SFX

IT'S TIME TO S-S-S-S-S-STRIP! This is an 18+ Trading Card Game. Collect cards, build the perfect deck, and strip all your opponents! 👙 ⭐ [This demo only contains the Arc duel and two starter decks]

Support STRIP Battle Action Cards on Patreon and access to the newest build!

Progress updates at ArcanePlaza's Twitter,

or join our Discord Server!

STRIP Battle Action Cards

Duel your opponents for the right to remain clothed! Beating them means winning cards, which you'll need if you want to challenge harder difficulties!

In this demo, you get to pick from two premade decks: Solo or Duo. Solo will let you try several cards from the Mental faction, while Duo contains cards from both Physical and Magical factions. Each faction has different playstyles, so get used to them and build your dream deck in the full version!

Beating your opponent will let you try out different outfit combos and colors in Gallery mode! All characters will be available in Gallery in the full mode upon defeating them the first time~

Future builds will be available on Patreon to try out new features as they're completed! 

Thanks for checking us out everyone! I hope you enjoy! New characters and features will be coming soon~!


[Full list of features in the final version of the game, est. release Summer 2023]

  • 50+ Unique Cards to make the perfect deck
  • 8+ Opponents each with unique challenges
  • 4 Customizable Decks
  • 5 Difficulty modes
  • Gallery mode to mix and match outfits and expressions
  • ...and many bug fixes from the Demo version! Your feedback helps improve the game!


⭐Drag an Attack card to your opponent's outfit tag to damage them! Make sure you have enough energy to use your Attack card. Energy requirements will be on each Attack card.

⭐Each turn, you gain +1 Mana. Use your Mana to activate Outfit Abilities! Your outfit tags will flash when your Outfit Abilities are ready to use. You may use one Outfit Ability per turn.

⭐If you're out of actions for your turn, hit the End Turn button! Give your opponent a chance while you strategize your next move.

⭐Defeat the Hat, Body, and Legs outfits to reveal her Undies. Defeat her Undies to win the round~!


All future content will be available in the Patreon builds as it's released:

⭐New Opponents - Stella the Magician 🎩, K.C. the Surfer 🏄‍♀️, Aya the Plushie Enthusiast 🐧, Ashe the Cashier 🏪, and more~

⭐Card Collecting - Open packs that you win by defeating opponents!

⭐Deck Building - Customize your decks with your cards to make your perfect deck!

⭐Gallery Mode - Mix and match outfit combos and expressions for each girl you defeat~!

⭐Difficulty Unlocks - Beating a character will unlock harder difficulties to challenge your deck with!


🎨Character design+art, coding, animation - ArcanePlaza

📈Publisher - ShadyCorner

🔳UI Designer - SED

🎵Music - Chris Jay


🎙KumBomb (Arc)

🎙MissMauveVA (Stella)

🎙MizzPeachy (K.C.)

Updated 18 hours ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Adult, Anime, Cute, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, NSFW, Voice Acting
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter


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Keeps bugging out and skipping my turn and text messes up when you select a character

Sorry to hear, could you provide a screenshot and replicate your bugs for me so I can fix it?

New cards - SE SE = Super Energy SE is a kind of Energy Cards that request to use a very powerful attack however SE is two cards.

When's the full game gonna come out?

Looking at early-to-mid 2023~ I'm mostly working on bug fixes and content for the newer version (up on Patreon as I finish them), and since I'm signed on with a publisher it'll be up to them to release it for me. But while they're handling all of that, I'll keep making content for this game and future ones! ❤

if this goes on in steam for like 5-10$ im buyin

The gallery dosen't work why is that ? I have finished the level and beat arc but when i click on the icon it dosen't open (i am on android)

I think Gallery mode is disabled for this free demo (except when you defeat Arc). Once I add actual progression in future updates, the Gallery and new characters will be able to be unlocked. I'm not sure if that feature will be coming to the free demo, or remain in the $5+ ones.


This was quite fun, did enjoy! Looking forward to future updates :)


Good game.

all around one of the best erotic card games on this platform very nice play- and artstyles.

Thank you! 🙏 I'm glad you are enjoying it so far! I hope to continue to impress you as new updates come out!

After remo ing the first 3 items my game would not let me attack no matter how much energy i had.

Could you replicate your bug and provide a screenshot?

really love the game and the system, but are there plans to like, fuck the girl after winning or is it just touching?

On google pixel 3, Bluetooth constantly disconnected and reconnected while using the app, I did troubleshooting to check if anything else caused it, but it's just this game that does it

the game is fantastic but it kept giving my everything other then energy when i needed energy.

1, Im unable to see any of the clothes be removed p-q. Like everytime I destroyed a piece of clothing it stayed. Even the hat-

2, I love the game so far. Is there a way to play the full game? Or is it only the demo for now?

1 - You might have turned on Streamer Mode by accident, try toggling it a few times to turn it off. Unfortunately the toggle button is broken in the version you're playing so you can't tell if it's on or off >.<

2 - Thank you! ^-^ There is a new version on Patreon that fixes the Streamer Mode bug. A $5 version that has the new content, and a $10 that has the new content as well as the new characters 💪 I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Ooooooooh okay XD. Well shit. That makes much more sense then. I did turn it on but I didn't think that would happen. Thanks

And also thanks for the info



  1. VS CPU Hard has negative desk
  2. Clicking on Arc to fast cause show his dialog multiple times.
  3. Holding to many cards cause one glitches and cause a softlock after starting a new game the glitched card is still there

Thank you for finding these 🙏 I'll add them to my list and start squashing them 🐛🔨


The full version will not be paid, I am demi Turkish and the dollar is too much, we are in an economic crisis:

Thanks for your purchase!

You seem to rely on some (Windows?) font not present on my system. The menu buttons have no text. Look what font you use for that and embedded that into the project. Kudos

Oh lol, I've actually never come across this problem before! Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into it 🙏 I hope you don't come across this problem too frequently xD

It always happens to me i and i got a pretty good idea why and the best way to fix is, is to only use fonts which are part (in the folder structure) of the unity project.

instead of drawing two cards at the start of your turn you could instead have at the start of your turn draw one energy and draw one attack from you deck. This way you could prevent dead turns of only energy or only energy costing cards.

I kinda like the current two-card system, since you might get a dead hand, but now you can discard your trash cards and store up mana to make a 3rd pull. While your suggestion is more balanced and consistent, I happen to be an advocate of anarchy! 🔥 Muahahaha!!!


Played the demo and was a very big fan of it! It does need some balancing (but its an early demo so I understand) but besides that I love the concept, animation and gameplay as well! Unfortunately as much as I would love to patreon sub I can't afford it, but I am very excited for it's full release to the public and I for sure would like to purchase it!


I wonder when the update will come and the future of this game is bright, very nice design and subject, congratulations, thank you

I'm planning on a Patreon update for tomorrow, and each month afterwards 💪 The demo may not get another update until December when I create a playable tutorial 🙏

Peki sağolun bu oyun mükemmel buna inanıyorum gerçekten çok güzel ilerleyen zamanlarda yeni sahneler gelmeli bence animasyonlu falan çok güzel olur çok güzel bir oyun tebrik ederim

Is this the demo if yes where can i can get the full?<3

Full version won't be ready for a few months still, but I post the most current and most complete versions to my Patreon. The next version will be released in 2 days and have Arc, Stella, and K.C. along with new cards and the Deck Builder feature~

this looks amazing

when will new characters come, only arc and one scene is a bit bad but youn is nice keep it up android

The game is still very early in development, I will need some time to get more characters ready for everyone to duel against 🙏 I'm glad you enjoyed the Arc Demo!

Found a bug. When you win with burn damage, she stays in underwear


Thanks for letting me know! I'll fix it for the next update 💪 You should still be able to see the full model in Gallery mode, at least for now 🙏

(2 edits) (-1)

I'm not sure this is normal or not. But she can draw card when the deck are 0 and i have to take 10 damage for no card in my deck. This is really bs

Aha! That is an unfortunate bug >.< Sorry 'bout that! I've never run into that in my time testing it. I'll have it fixed up for the next update 💪

Sorry for the bother. But is this a bug too? I break her top clothes and she can burn me. Is this her deck's ability?

Her deck is coded a bit differently from the player's decks, so it does seem that she's still able to Burn regardless of her abilities >.< I'll fix that for the v0.8 Update coming to Patreon on Friday 👍 Luckily it's not a game-breaking bug, so I'll leave it in for now 🙏

My gripes have been addressed already so I'll add: The game window doesn't stretch to full in fullscreen.


Sorry I didn't notice this! Thanks for brining it to my attention 💪 I'll try to find a coder friend who can help solve this! My main area is in art and animation, and I've been learning coding and game design with this first game of mine 🙏 Future versions will hopefully address all the issues, please look forward to it!

This is a cool concept, but the gameplay needs work.  It's far to simplistic and RNG based, and since the deck builder doesn't work, you can't even adjust the deck to avoid Mana-Flood or Mana-screw(Magic The Gathering terms for having too much or too little Mana).

Thanks for testing the demo! I've made plans to adjust the balance and will be addressing this very soon. Look forward to a more balanced version in the near future 🙏

That's a lot of fun, I wish there were more scenes with her and that the card draw would be quicker.


going 5 or 6 turns IN A ROW getting only energy, or only attacks is absolute garbage, especially since the higher difficulty isn't based on skill but rather just straight up puts you at an hp disadvantage.

this problem is twice as bad in the duo deck, sinceyou can be stuck grabbing physical energy and magic attacks (or vice versa) over and over.

im sitting here losing medium for the 5th time because the game decided to give me mental energy SIX TIMES IN A ROW and not ONE SINGLE ATTACK.

we need a way to generate energy or attacks on demand. maybe discarding 2 cards to let you choose one card from your deck.


Excellent feedback, thank you 🙏 I've been brainstorming some ideas for how to make the Energy/Attack draws more fair, and I have a few solutions for the next update that I'll try: Drawing 2 cards per turn instead of 1, allowing the player to discard one card in their hand for mana per turn, and adding customizable Abilities that can rearrange your deck so more energy or Attack cards zoom to the top (costs Mana).

For the Duo deck, have you tried using the Color Tagging system? Attacking an outfit with a different type (Mental/Physica/Magical) than the previous attack gives you a +1 Mana bonus. Works with AoE attacks like Blind Rage and Thunder Strike, too! ⚡ As of now, that's only documented in the Tutorial, but I'd love to hear suggestions for how to make it more obvious and telegraphed 🙏

the tutorial says that we draw one card and gain 1 mana. I'm only getting a card and I see my opponent drawing 2 extra cards. Am I suppose to only draw a card and should I be hard drawing the energy or is this how it should be?

If I do have to hard draw the energy, then I suggest a muligan mechanic so that you don't end up with a hand that can't play anything for 5-6 turns.

otherwise, pretty sure I'm suppose to get at least 1 energy per turn.

Yup! Mana and cards are distributed automatically at the beginning of each turn ^-^ The opponent is probably playing a Surfer card, that lets her draw 2 more cards. Thanks for testing out the game!

energy and mana are not the same. mana is the stars that you use to 'activate' the special ability of a piece of clothing.

nice game! cant wait for the next update


I really love this honestly! Perhaps have you considered an energy meter like Buddyfight? or maybe a seperate energy deck like how Force of Will does it? Flesh and Blood is another good tcg to get inspiration from!

Thanks for trying it out! I honestly haven't played any of those yet >.<; My main inspiration is Pokemon TCG. I'll take a look at them and see what I can steal get inspired by 👀💦

XD well that explains a few things not gonna lie. The Pokemon TCG is definitely not the best inspiration for a fluid and balanced card no offense! The biggest reason to buy the cards is for their art and collectors value. Magic the Gathering, Yugioh, Pokemon these card games are popular but not as good as the games that hide in their shadow such as, Digimon TCG (definitely take a look at this one), Wixoss, Weiss Schwarz, Transformers TCG, etc. The voices, cute art, I think theres a lot of things going for your game! Don't lose hope! Just focus on core gameplay at the moment and don't be afraid to enact change!


The artwork and voice lines are great, they have tons of potential. However, the gameplay is a bit lackluster.

There is too much down time on turns when you just have to end your turn 5 times in a row because you didn't draw an energy, or you only have energy in your hand. The clothing abilities only help a little bit and those need several turns to recharge as well. Need a way to permanently add resource management or a better way to balance resources vs action because it feels like I don't even get to play the game for most of it.

I completely agree 🙏 I'm looking into a few solutions for "dead turns". My initial thought is drawing two cards per turn, and allowing the player to convert an unwanted card into mana once per turn. I'll continue testing these ideas until they feel right, then I'll update the Arc Demo again 💪 Thanks for your feedback! The VAs are all wonderful 🥰


I spent a long while trying to beat the hard level and come to the realisation that there is some balancing issues, but I feel that there wouldn't be much of a problem if I would of been able to create a custom deck, but without access to it i do there is some balancing issue since it felt like I was rigged to lose.

But over all a really good game and it has some great potential and I hope to see how far this game goes. Keep it up

Thanks Quackerz! There definitely is some balancing issues now that more people than just me are testing it >.< I've collected a few notes for how to improve the feel of the game going ahead 👍 One person was able to beat Hard Mode, believe it or not :O (Not me tho xD)

This shouldn't be a thing.

Thanks for showing me! I'll be working on balancing the game over time. This is the first version of my first game, so thank you for your patience 🙏


Good game but it needs cheat



idk if anyone else is having this problem but just keep drawing energy after energy and its happened multiple games in a row where i dont get any cards to attack


Oooh, a new strip game makes its appearance! A very interesting one as well. Only played against Arc so far, but it seems pretty fun even if I kind of blindly fumbled for a bit.

On a personal note, it maybe feels a little lacking on the 'losing' end but that's a personal bias. Arc doesn't seem to have a lot of dialogue to really go with her winning I think. Judging by the icons used, our protagonist is also a girl? That is also a little unclear as well.

Still, this looks really interesting!


Thank you for playing, krisslanza! I hope you enjoyed your time with the demo🙏Arc is currently the only opponent available in the Public Demo, but every character will be in the full version and Patreon versions. I'll make the wording a bit more clear in the game's description 👍 If you have some feedback for what was most unclear to you, we can work together to make it a fluid experience for new players 💪

The protagonist is meant to be the player, themself! I don't currently have plans to elaborate on the player's design right now, as it's mainly a First Person PoV 👍

I wouldn't say I had too much trouble figuring out the game, although I didn't do the tutorial. It just took me a bit to figure out the Mental Energy thing, but otherwise, game is pretty easy to pick up and play I'd say!

And ah, well that is a pretty reasonable decision. Although, it seems you may at least want to let the player pick different clothing icons. Perhaps also a gender select. Just thinking to Strip Poker Night at the Inventory, which keeps the player vague since its you, but you have some limited options to pick like clothes. As of right now, I'd automatically assume the player is female, because of the Undies icon being set of bra and panties.